Toast, It's not just for breakfast anymore: Muslim Rioting, part 367

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Muslim Rioting, part 367

Riots broke out across the Muslim world yesterday, with most of the violence being directed at Denmark. The main reason behind riots is the cream-cheese danish. "When a true believer bites into a danish", said one ayotollah, "he expects it to be sweet. Cream-cheese danishes are not only NOT sweet, they are disgusting! It is an insult to all followers of Islam. Oh, and death to Israel and America".

Muslims rushed to the streets in protest, carrying signs, and setting fire to buildings suspected to house caches of the blasphemous danishes.

It was not all blood and violence though. In a peaceful protest, this group sat around a campfire singing the old hippie folk song, "Kumbaya". Unfortunately, wood is scarce in the middle-east, but effigies burn just as well. Effigies are available at most local convenience stores over there.

UPDATE: It looks like I almost got this one right for real! The muslim world is boycotting danishes! (via Mrs. Malkin)

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