Toast, It's not just for breakfast anymore: Tattooing for Toddlers

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Tattooing for Toddlers

I saw a report on Drudge yesterday about fads. Parents are increasingly jumping on-board with children's fads, in an attempt to make their kids more popular. The latest fad - tattoos. Every year, tattoos are appearing on younger and younger children. I snapped this one at a baseball game this summer. I asked the father about his daughters tattoos, and he mentioned something about complex variables in the zero to 14 demographic involving needs for expression unlike other less existential age brackets. I decided to just nod and walk away, since I didn't understand one word he said.

This next example of the tattoo trend is simply astounding! I met a girl named Nettie hanging out near the local tattoo parlor. She had brought her 1 year old nephew to get tattoos! She said, "Tattoos are an important right of passage for kids today. Yeah, I know his Mom will be a little angry when she finds out. That's why one of the tattoo's says 'mother'. That should make her happy."

Things are certainly different than when I was a kid.

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