Toast, It's not just for breakfast anymore: Gilad Shalite (and My Own Personal Rant. Sorry. Had to.)

Saturday, June 09, 2007

Gilad Shalite (and My Own Personal Rant. Sorry. Had to.)

Hey, I'm the #1 rank in searching for Gilad Shalite on Google. Did I spell his name wrong or something? If not, what a travesty for this man. Why has Israel forsaken him?

Update: Oops, it's 'Gilad Shalit'. My bad, but still, why isn't Israel blowing stuff up until he's returned? Let's face facts. He's not coming back alive. Why not make them overpay in loss of life so that they won't consider committing the same act of kidnapping again? I mean 'overpaying' in such a way that there's no doubting it. It's time to bring the hammer down. Israel is a trusted friend, but they are acting like hippies act about GiTMO.

Don't get me wrong. The 'final solution' doesn't involve murdering all palestinians, but it DOES require you to kill enough of them so that their mosques don't preach "kill Israelis" anymore. Israel, when an imam says 'we must kill the jews' at a mosque in Gaza or the West Bank, why aren't you killing him? When a tv station promotes a jihad death, why aren't you blowing it up? Screw international opinion. They're going to hate you anyway. As Nike says, Just Do It. You're doing the entire world a disservice by allowing these scumbags to live.

Again the world is lucky I don't have my finger on the button. Because if I was in charge of Israel, I'd say "Return Gilad and those two men Hezbollah stole who's names I don't know, or the Al Aqsa Mosque is leveled. After that, we'll take out every mosque in Israeli territory. Then we'll start working on our neighbors. Mecca will be first on the list."

(apologies for using the word 'scumbag')

Update2: Allow me to be more clear: I'm advocating telling the kidnappers they have 24 hrs to surrender him, (all three, actually) and if they aren't willing, Israel will flatten 10% of Gaza per day he's not returned. If, after all of Gaza is destroyed (a million dead), he's still not returned, start working on the West Bank. But only 3% per day. The West Bank is much bigger, so it will take more time. To be clear, I'm advocating killing people. A lot of people. Bad people.

Never have I wanted so much to be a Jew (in fact, this is only the second time!). Voting in Israel, I'd say 'barook atta adenoid' (I'm guessing [sic]) to the warriest warrior with my vote. Don't they have carte blanche from the US to do this? Or is Bush screwing us yet again? I don't want people to die, but they need to know that we mean it when we say, "leave the West alone." I'm more than willing to kill ALL of the worst of the worst to prove this, if need be.

And Palestinians are in fact the worst of the worst. Raised on hate. Taught more hate. Told (on national palestinian tv!) that it's a good idea to die killing Jews or Christians. ENOUGH! And that is why I'm ok with the death of possibly millions of palestinians, to make clear how selfish they've been. I'm serious. Millions! Can they be converted from their jihadi views? There's a slim possibility they can. But it's more likely that they'll spread this jihadi disease. Enough with this. Enough with treating women as sub-human. Enough of treating non-believers as 'lessers', or the smart people who've left that religion as 'apostates'. Die now. Don't make us kill you. So we humans can move on.

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