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Wednesday, June 28, 2006


Imagine: A group of Canadians tunnel into the US, kill a few cops, wound more, take one hostage, and flee back into Canada with hostage in tow. Now imagine that the Canadian government and it's people are unwilling to assist America in recovering our citizen. How many minutes would pass before the US invaded Canada? I'm guessing about 30. If the roles were reversed, Canada would be sending people into the US just as quickly.

So why would Israel be any different? Palestinians snuck into Israel, then murdered a few and wounded many Israelis. Then they kidnapped an Israeli soldier (19-year old Gilad Shalit: see picture) and brought him to the land of a million jew haters, the Gaza Strip. Palestinians need to learn that they can be happy with control of Gaza, or be dead. All other options are off the table. There is only one avenue left to explain this fact to them. Enough is enough. Cry havoc, and let slip the dogs of war! We don't allow terrorists to rest. Let's not complain when Israel doesn't either.

Preston Taylor Holmes
feels about the same way. Sister Toldjah notes that three bridges have been destroyed so far, and electricity is out in the strip as well.

Update: Cox and Forkum notice that Israel is not too interested in negotiations.


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