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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

No Humor - Israel at a crossroads

Did anything funny happen today? I missed it :(. I just saw that 77% of Palestinians approve of the kidnapping of Gilad Shalite that occurred two weeks ago. That means that 77% of Palestinans support terrorism. That means that 77% of Palestinians are not innocent civilians. Palestine just restarted a war with Israel. Hezbollah also joined in on the attack. It's going to be deadly for both sides, and civilians will die. I firmly believe that the only way to permanently end the agression, suffering, and death that is endemic of that region is by a very large and uncivil war to occur.

These people have been fighting each other for 50+ years now in a low-level skirmish-type war. If it continues to be waged in such a small way, it will go on for another 50 years, or perhaps forever, much like Kashmir troubles India and Pakistan. How many people have died in this Palestinian/Israeli conflict in the last 50 years? Wouldn't more lives be saved in the long run by hitting Gaza with everything Israel has, almost destroying it, and at the same time catching and locking up the fomenters of hate (pretty much every cleric in Palestine)? Hatred of the type that Hamas has cannot be unlearned. They have to either win or die. I for one don't want to learn what kind of hell-on-earth Hamas would create if they won.

I heard Tammy Bruce on the radio while I was trying to learn how to record her show for a friend. She said (paraphrased) "When you have cancer, there comes a time in the battle when you have to use every means at your disposal to destroy it, even if it is also going to hurt the rest of your body. The only other option is to be consumed by the cancer. Israel may be in this position right now." I agree. This open puss-filled wound is beyond the help of band-aids and must be excised (translation: a lot of people have to die to bring peace, and some of them will be completely innocent).

But when the civilian death toll get's reported, remember to divide that number by 5 to get the actual number of innocents killed. 4 out of 5 Palestinians are not innocent, as the FOX poll shows. 77%. Religion of Peace my ***. Religion of dismembered body parts, maybe.

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