Toast, It's not just for breakfast anymore: Hezbaloney via Al-Reuters

Monday, August 07, 2006

Hezbaloney via Al-Reuters

Adnan Hajj, formerly of Reuters (story) has published his last photo showing the atrocities of the IDF, implying that Hezbollah are the good guys.

You can't argue with a photo! You can clearly see in this non-Photoshopped picture that an Israeli soldier is rounding up all of the Lebanese babies who survived the bombing of a baby hospital to make it easier to kill (and possibly eat?) them. I'm just not comfortable siding with people who eat babies. Neither is the BBC. I honestly can't think of a reason that Israel would bomb the baby hospital in Youngsterville, Lebanon, a place known for making a lot of babies and not having any Hezbollah militants in it.

Logically, Israel seems like the good guys, since they are simply responding to an attack on their country. But look at that picture again. The fava beans in the corner are a dead giveaway. Baby eaters! Adnan Hajj's photos are telling us the real story!

-This story, like most on this blog may be 'ahead of the news cycle'.

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