Toast, It's not just for breakfast anymore: Bush Drinks Kofi

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Bush Drinks Kofi

World politics are often bizarre, but this bit of news from from the UN is almost unbelievable! It's just coming across the wire now, so details are still sketchy. Apparently, President Bush and Secretary General Kofi Annan had some kind of argument and the President pureed him on the spot and drank him! No photos yet, but this is what it probably looked like:

Now let me be clear. I am no fan of Kofi Annan. But most of the time, I'm even less of a fan of cannibalism. I'm not sure I want to live in a country where the President can just grind people up and eat them. It's frightening.

UPDATE: Uh oh. It turns out there was a typo in the original story, and in fact Bush didn't drink Kofi, he drank to Kofi. It was just a toast. Well, that's slightly better than the original story, but I'm not happy to hear about wasting toast of any kind on that man.

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