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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Immigration Demystified

Thomas Lifson writes about muslim immigration in Australia. Apparently, Australians expect them to assimilate, or stay in their home country.

It is quite insulting and patronizing to immigrate to a country and expect it to adapt to the very things one left behind. This is the behavior of a conqueror, not an immigrant.

By definition, an immigrant asks for the privilege of being allowed to live in a country not his or her own. Immigrants have no right to demand change. No more than I have a right to barge into your house and demand you rearrange the furniture, knock out the wall between the kitchen and family room, and paint the parlor walls a different color.

An immigrant stipulates that the country to which he or she goes has a superior system. Without such an attraction, why else leave behind family, friends, and the attachments of sentiment?
Sounds fair to me! This is an excellent piece, and the points are equally valid for America's immigrants. I'm all for immigration, provided the immigrants become Americans. And provided they come here legally, and not in such a massive number that results in joblessness for the poorest of Americans. And learn to speak our freaking language!!!!! Other than that, welcome to America my friend. I hope it's not too tall of an order.

I wish we had someone in American politics like the venerable Australian Prime Minister Howard. He doesn't seem to care about political correctness. He's only concerned with right and wrong. I'm a fan of Bush, but let's face it - he's no John Howard. John Howard is larger than life.

(Hat tip: Tim Blair. Check him out if you have time. Grins and chuckles will ensue.)

Update: StiknStein has more on the immigration debate here in America. Another good read. He doesn't have any prime ministers that are 100 ft tall, but that may be a good thing, since he focuses on the facts.

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