Toast, It's not just for breakfast anymore: December 2008

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Remembering the Year

Remember when I said that islam was a religion of peace? Can you believe some people bought that line of crap?

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Arabs Condemn Israel

Arab World condemns Israel. The World panel of Toast aficionados un-condemns Israel, thereby canceling out the Arab condemnation. Clean house, IDF!

Update: "For us to be asked to have a cease-fire with Hamas is like asking you to have a cease-fire with Al-Qaida," Barak said in an interview with Fox News. "It's something we cannot really accept."

Sure wish you said that about Hezbollah two years ago. Still, it's nice to see that he's finally grown some cojones.

Update 2: Good liveblogging over at Israellycool. It answers an age old question too: Is it possible to point at stuff while something is burning in the background?

Yes. Yes it is.

UPDATE 3: Egyptians to palestinians: The safety has been switched to 'off'. I wonder if anyone is thinking that they made a bad decision voting for Hamas politicians. It seems that everyone hates those murderous thugs.

Update December 29: The whining begins about Israel using disproportionate force against Hamas. I say, "Good for Israel!" The only way to guarantee that a war continues for eternity is to fight it proportionately.

Update December 31: Oops! Hamas let slip a key bit of info. There are weapons of war in every house in Gaza! That seems like a legitimate reason for the IAF to 'clean house'. All of them. They won't though :(.

Update: Fans of Obama take to the streets in Belgium.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Hope and Change? It Just Got Even Better

That's right. Ponies all around. Who doesn't want a pony? Click the image to watch the vid.

Sunday, December 07, 2008


I promise that I didn't photoshop it. It's real.

UPDATE: Yes, I'm an engineer, but I do have other talents. One of those is being an artist! Look with awe upon my latest creation, merging reality with fantasy:

See, I used Salvador Dali's method of melted obfuscation by making the man blush in green to confuse the eye. Brilliant? Well, I wouldn't call it that, but since you brought it up- yes, yes it is!

Listen to our anthem

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