Toast, It's not just for breakfast anymore: March 2007

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Problem Solved

Thank goodness for those Democrats! They've saved us once again.

(shamelessly stolen from the Steel Deal)

Fred on Things

It's too early to choose a candidate for the Presidential election in Novemer, 2008. That said, I'm voting for Fred Thompson. My main causes are ending Islamofascism, and shutting our borders. Here's Fred on borders:

Here's Fred on more things:

Fred on the war, and on everything else (part 2 of the same interview):

"We ought to give great leeway to the states [to make their own decisions/laws]"
"I'm against gun control, generally."
"...We can't keep funding the part of the world that is causing us so much problems."
"[Would you pardon Libby now, or wait until appeals are exausted] I'd do it now."
"I'm pro-life."

He stands for things important to me, and is eloquent and articulate. He reminds me of Reagan in more ways than twenty. I think I have a man-crush on this guy. Duncan Hunter is good, but he doesn't seem to have a shot at winning. Fred does.

For these reasons, Fred Thompson deserves the golden aura, being the last time I will use this effect, as far as you know.

Monday, March 26, 2007

Iranian Rosie

Rosie O'Donnell hears about the 15 British captives in Iran. She hears Iranians say they were in Iranian waters. She hears the British say they were in Iraqi waters. What does she report?

"There were 15 British sailors and marines who apparently went into Iranian waters..."

It gets worse from there. I assume everyone who sees this blog also reads Hotair, but if you haven't heard her yet, here it is. Sickening. I guess the lesson is: if you don't want your kid to be evil, don't name her Rose.

Rosie - America's newest curse word.

Debbie Speaks

Nearly Six In 10 Back Congressional Troop Withdrawal Deadline. Six out of ten Americans think America is no better than the misogynistic anti-freedom force we oppose, and are ready to give in to them.

Waah Waah Waannhh.

Is this still the country I grew up in? Do 6 out of 10 Americans not care how women are treated, as long as they are not American women? Do 6 out of 10 Americans think we should not intercede because sharia is morally and ethically equivalent to freedom?

Or worse, are 6 out of 10 Americans coming to realize that freeing these people isn't really helping anything, since they are choosing sharia on their own? This I could understand. But I'm of the opinion that the most venomous of sharia laws will be curtailed by democracy over a few decades.

We've got to do something to stop the spread of vile hatred that is fundamentalist islam, and democracy seems like a good first step. Of many steps. Do 6 out of 10 Americans have a better idea?

One might ask, "Who are we to judge?" That's a great question in the metaphysical sense, but not in reality. In reality, we are 'human beings' to judge, and we shouldn't allow other people to be treated more poorly than we would allow ourselves to be treated. In short, 6 out of 10 Americans have let humanity down.

Bad News

It's not just smoking, trans-fats, meat, sugar, starches, pesticides, CO2, high-fructose corn syrup, salt, sedentary lifestyles, McDonalds, or drugs/alcohol.

Dennis Miller

One of my favorite comedians has a radio show! Listen here (commercial free!) after the show is over if you can't hear him on the radio. Talk radio seems like a difficult venue (I typically run out of things to soliloquize in about 5 minutes). It takes practice, and they usually get better over time. But listening to his first show, I'm already impressed.

When informed that they didn't have the audio from surrender-monkey Murtha, he said, "Jack Murtha makes so little sense that his voice won't commit to audio tape."


Bravery Resurfaces in Spain

I agree with the guy on the right. You tell 'em, Spanish woman! From Reuters:
A woman who lost her husband in the 2004 Madrid train bombings displayed an infamous cartoon mocking the Prophet Mohammad on her T-shirt in front of 29, mostly Muslim, suspects on trial for the attacks on Monday.

The woman's white T-shirt showed Mohammad wearing a bomb as a turban -- one of a series published by Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten which unleashed violent protests by some Muslims last year.
Spain could learn a lot from this woman. This act falls somewhere between giving them the finger and laughing at them, and sticking them with a blade. Since stabbing them is not legal, I'd say she made the most poignant statement allowed by law.

This is nothing like 'speaking truth to power' to the evil BushCo like the hippies do. This woman is actually risking her life to make this statement. Let's hope she's part of an increasingly less silent majority.

(seen at the Jawas and Hotair.)

ps. Who is that guy in the photo? In the original he was giving thumbs up in front of Farenheit 911 posters, but I thought he was a Republican Congressman.

Saturday, March 24, 2007

What a Bunch of Babies

LGF notes that the Code Pinkos tossed from Pelosi's office front are like whining children. "They want everything NOW, or else they throw tantrums, lay on the floor, and scream." I wish I hadn't been whining for the last 6 months about illegal immigration and the wimpy way we are conducting this war. Because then I could agree with him without being a hypocrite.

Ah, screw it. Those Code Pinkos are nothing but pouty children!

Friday, March 23, 2007

Sometimes you have to give up

Photoshop meltdown. I thought it would be a friendly gesture to celebrate Pelosi's victory of winning enough votes to surrender to the enemy by offering pork barrel projects to some of her detractors. And what better way to do it than with a photo!

Unfortunately, it's not as easy to conjure up an image in Photoshop as it is to do so in my head. What was supposed to be a "donkey morphing into a pig, while surrendering" came out as a... well I dunno what the heck it is at this point. So I gave up on the symbolism, but not the message, and spelled it out.

Don't hate it because it's ugly. It tried! Let's look on the bright side. This image is not a 'loser'. I tried, and failed. So it's a 'failure'. That's better than a loser, right?

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

I'm with you half the way

Hippie protest in San Francisco. I don't think we should be leaving Iraq, since it would mean wholesale slaughter of Iraqis in the immediate future, and a terrorist haven in the not-too-distant future, which would require yet another war to fix.

But seriously, why did we invade this man's ovaries?

America has gone too far this time. The US should stay out of all men's ovaries. I'm petitioning Congress to amend the Constitution to say as much.

Update: This woman kept repeating to all of the men in the crowd, "HEY! My eyes are up here!" But I wasn't looking where she thinks I was looking.

Look into the Mach 3 system for ladies, hippiegirl. It's not expensive, and may even make you less angry about freeing 25 million Iraqi people (to apparently kill each other, barring the spectacular Khurds of course). Apologies to the ladies, but I'm suddenly in the mood to Impeac someone. If she shaves. Otherwise, no Impeac-ments will occur.

More funny hippie protest pictures here.

Update 2: Here's an in depth photo-study of both the good and bad guys on that same day, but in DC. Everyone expects hippies in both locales, but in DC, the good guys were out in force! It's in 4 parts, and well worth reading. Here's my favorite picture:

It's intended as a joke, but this is indeed how low we've sunk: Our bravest Americans, even our bravest women, can expect spittle from the wussy left. Hippies should be illegal.

Monday, March 19, 2007

A Great Lady

Cathy Seipp, one of our coolest constituents, is passing. Send her a kind thought, or even a word or two. She won't be recovering. We all have to make that trip sooner or later, but that knowledge hardly makes it easier. She isn't a war veteran, but her support for those who are makes her their equal, imo. Maia (daughter of Ms. Seipp), please do your best to let her know how many people are grateful for having heard her voice. Most of us are very serious about our love for true patriots. Your Mom is one.

Pray for her if you are religious. Think about her if you are not. She's pretty cool. Check out her blog if you don't believe me.

Update: Rest in peace.

Hippies Stink

His plan worked well against a foreign government that actually cared about humanity. But did he try to use it against one that didn't? It looks like he did.

This is, in essence, why I hate hippies. Some people just suck. Nazis sucked. Islamonazis suck. Hippies don't seem to care, and instead focus on someone's low pay, too much CO2 in the atmosphere, or an unemployed paraplegic with ADD or something. Most of those things are bad, but can't hippies see the bigger picture? Hippies suck as much as their Nazi or Islamofascist benefactors.

I hope that the father of all hippies (and maker of a really good rice) didn't suggest that England should roll over and accept Nazi domination, but I also know deep in my heart that he did indeed do exactly this thing. That's why his halo is red. Screw him.

Hippies made some pretty good music in their day, but it's not good enough to cover for the damage they caused.

Seriously, I hate hippies.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

And God Listened

Ask and you shall receive.

The mission succeeded. It's even cold all the way down here in Loooosiana. I humbly request that people stop asking for an end to global warming. Propane is expensive.

Update: Lord Monkton of Scotland throws down the gauntlet: Al Gore Challenged to International TV Debate on Global Warming. First it was Channel 4 (UK)'s Great Global Warming Swindle, then the NYT, and now a growing number of politicians are seeing the truth about the great warming lie. Are we finally seeing science win out over hysteria?

Friday, March 16, 2007

Which House is Safer?

Thursday, March 15, 2007

I Got Nuthin'

It's better to fight them over there than fight them over here. Unfortunately, we don't always have that option. Once again, the Ahmadinejihad is coming to our shores. I wish we could bar him simply for being such a hypocrite. He says he's against western music and values, but check out his iPod!

It's just hard to respect a guy who listens to that garbage.

A Democrat Said It

Check out Camile Paglia's latest article at Slate. Or you could just read this blurb:

"What is this morbid obsession that liberals have with Fox? It's as if Democrats, pampered and spoiled by so many decades of the mainstream media trumpeting the liberal agenda, are so shaky in their convictions that they cannot risk an encounter with opposing views. Democrats have ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, the New York Times, Newsweek, Time and 98 percent of American humanities professors to do their bidding. But no, that's not enough -- every spark of dissent has to be extinguished with buckets of bile."

Amen, sister. The rest of the article is kind of boring, but it's nice to know that at least a few Democrats don't fall into the "death to FNC!" crowd.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Party, But Now I'm Sick :(

Sick like a fox!

Someone should have mentioned that eating 20 lbs of these bad boys can give you a stomach-ache. Still... well worth it.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

BBC and NYT Surrender to Facts

First to break was the BBC. Now, even the NYT is forced to admit that man made global warming is kind of silly. Glenn Beck gleefully explains:

When even the Beeb and the Grey Lady have to admit that much from the Book of Global Warming is false, it's over. Whatever socialist agenda that was being planned by the UN and the environmentalists will no longer fly. Even the uninformed are beginning to get it. I look forward to getting back to the science of climatology and leaving the politics of climatology behind.

Anyway, too much Glenn Beck, huh? It's hard though, since he's willing to be more honest than anyone on TV at the moment. Why are we worrying about silly things like "Man attempts to destroy world with CO2" or "Cross in San Diego spells beginning of Christian crusade", when we should be worrying about "Islam attempts to dominate world by jihad and/or massive birthrate/immigration". The latter is all that matters at the moment.

Now you know why.

***This video kind of stretches the idea of 'fair use' since it's so long, but I hope CNNHN and Glenn Beck will let it slide and not delete it from YouTube. It benefits Headline News, since many people are unaware that a conservative exists on a CNN network. Sadly, he's all alone there, but that might change if we watch!

UPDATE: Well, not really an update per se. More of a 'completely unrelated item'... If you watch the TV show 'Heroes', this might be funny to you. It was to me.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Protest March I'd Like to See

(slight editing was performed on this zombietime image)

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Political Correctness Kills

Diana West is calling a spade a spade. She blames multiculturalism, the idea that all cultures were created equal, as the reason the West seem incapable of mounting a united defense against the foes of freedom.
It is a strange, tentative civilization we have become, with leaders who strut their promises of "no surrender" even as they flinch at identifying the foe. Four years past 9/11, we continue to shadow-box "terror," even as we go on about "an ideology of hate".
I blame political correctness as the root of our problems, since it has allowed the idea of multiculturalism to take seed. It is political correctness that forces us to permit multiculturalists to deny our true enemy. I hope her next article notes this.

It's a powerful (and short!) article, well worth a read.

Friday, March 09, 2007

Lamest Circus Ever

We live out in the country, where there's not a lot of chance for excitement. So when the circus came to a city near us, we decided it would be fun to load up the kids and take them to see the animals, and my favorite: the freak show. They were a pretty low budget circus, so they didn't have many of my favorite exhibits, such as a bearded lady. They did present a large number of 'freaks' though, including:

The Incredible Bearded Man!

Giant Midgets!

A Stripeless Zebra!

Post-op Siamese Twins!

Miniature White Tigers!

All in all, I'd have to say it was disappointing.

Glenn Beck Interviews Duncan Hunter

I'm really startintg to like Glenn Beck. Here he is interviewing the likeable Congressman Duncan Hunter and the dispicable Congressman Van Hollen. They are discussing the House military funding bill that would force the troops to come home at a certain time regardless of whether victory has been achieved. About halfway through the clip, Beck laid into Van Hollen, smackdown style. It's pretty funny, but this is an extremely important issue.

If Bush does the right thing and vetoes it, they will try to say he doesn't support funding the troops. If he instead signs the thing, he's letting our troops down.

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Hassan Abujihaad? Come On.

So, they didn't know that crewman Hassan Abujihaad was a terrorist. We may need new people to do the vetting of our military personnel. I think I can help! Keep an eye on Chief Petty Officer Mohammed 'Splodeypants' McFatwa, and Capt. Omar Al-Deathtoamerica. Seaman Boom Bin Laden bears looking into as well.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Eat Toast. I Do!

This photo is 40 years old, but as you can see, I was lookin' pretty darned good even back then. The secret? Toast. Early and often.

Sorry I couldn't post a more recent photo, but Kodak, Nikon and Polaroid filed a class-action suit that bars me from being photographed anymore. It was based on a law about 'crimes against humanity' or something.

New Mexican Paper Money Released

Citing problems with the debased Peso, Mexico has begun issuing "Nuevos Pesos" notes to replace the old monetary system. Let's hope it helps their economy.

Front and back of the newly unveiled '10 Nuevos Pesos' Note.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Changes Required for the Blonde Party

Longtime readers may be aware that I recently gave up on the Republican party. That doesn't leave us any options. Rather than embrace the dark side of the force, I suggested that we all vote for the blonde party. They probably won't do what we elected them for either, but at least they are fun to listen to!

After recent remarks I've been hearing, I'm forced to make some changes to the Blonde Party lineup. It is with a heavy heart that I do this, but change is necessary. Here are my new nominees:

Hah! You thought I was deleting someone, huh? Never! The one in question could eat a cheeseburger or two, but removing her is out of the question. Instead, I introduce you to a new Blonde party nominee: Ayaan Hirsi Ali. Hopefully, she will be our Secretary of Bashing BS. Watch her in action! It's a year old, from when she was still in the Netherland's Parliament. She's gotten even better at public speaking, but this is my favorite of her interviews, since it's clear she's risking her life speaking out. Yet she continues. That's Blonde party material.

Aside: I ask a favor from all black haired people. In the future, please only get photographed in front of a white background. I'm not good enough at Photoshop to mask black on black. Don't you care about people who want to pshop you into compromising positions? Thanks in advance!

Update: WOW! I like the guy in the center. If he dies his hair blonde, he's in.

stikNstein's Ode to Toast

stickNstein, protector of America's sovereignity and finder of weird things on the net, has found the coveted 'National Anthem of Toast', to which even members of great nations bow their heads. Without further ado, allow me to shamelessly steal it!

Yeah Toast! Just so you know, I've looked for this for over a year, but I was searching for "yay toast", 'cause I'm an idiot.

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Old Religous Joke Determined 'Still Funny'

Man: God, can we talk?
God: What's on your mind, my son?
Man: God, how long is a million years to you?
God: It is but a second.
Man: God, how much a million dollars to you?
God: To me it is but a penny.

Man: ...
Man: God, can I have a penny?
God: Yes, my son. In a second.

Update: Angel, after years of looking for a sign from God that she's doing things right, finally finds one.

Lost Tribe of Jews: Found!

Where did the Jewish lost tribes go? Reporters for the "Toast, it's not just for breakfast anymore" blog have been scouring the Earth for clues. Finally, after months of exhaustive research, we found them! In Hawaii!

Did you know that the Jewish word 'shalom' means both hello and goodbye? So does the Hawaiian word 'aloha'! This can't be coincidence. Obviously, they are both of the same genetic stock.

As if this wasn't all the proof you needed, here is a side by side comparison of a Hasidic Jew and a native Hawaiian. It's uncanny. They are like identical twins!

Just so you know, the guy on the right is the Hawaiian. There you have it - another mystery solved. Crack investigative reporting, toast style.

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Google Earth Proves Conspiracy Theory

Have you ever heard the story that aliens crash landed somewhere in New Mexico, and whatever survived was moved to area 51 and the whole thing was covered up? It only took me 5 minutes with Google Earth to determine that the story is absolutely true!

Proof positive that no one is worse than the American government at keeping secrets. Who labels the top of their buildings, for cripes sake?

You don't have to check it out for yourself, you can just trust me.

Longest Comment Ever

Morgan Sinclair, a commenter over at Jihadwatch wrote what has to be the longest comment ever written. It's not a post, it's a comment.I'm guessing he dislikes islamic fundamentalism. A lot. (I don't know if it's worth reading, because I didn't read it. I'm just amazed at the bulk of it. 3,387 words. 19,997 keystrokes. That's one dedicated commenter!)

Dear Eteraz and Esmay ...

Since you're here until I can hopefully get you banned, I will now challenge you. And I do this from the point of view of having had Muslim friends for 35 years and also from being a STAUNCH supporter of moderate Muslims.

First, some really obvious things:

(1) Americans were attacked on 9/11 by radical Islamists quoting us the Qur'an.

(2) Radical Islamists, quoting the Qur'an have terrorist cells in 60 countries.

(3) Muslims quoting the Qur'an blew up a train in Spain and attacked buses and trains in London, set up massive bombs in Bangladesh, beheaded and burned civilians in Thailand, bombed a night club in Bali and burned 202 people to death, routinely carry out suicide attacks on Israelis, routinely bury IEDs while hiding behind children. Of the 16,990 civilian deaths in Iraq this year, 16,719 were the result of "insurgency" (read: terrorist) bombings of civilian market targets or "collaborators" (people who dont' want their country taken over by terrorists). The other 271 were collateral damage of American RESPONSE to those attacks or the deliberate killing of terrorists (thank you, GIs!).

(4) The general habit of Muslims, who believe THEY are superior because they believe their religion is superior, is not ever to criticize each other publicly. This does NOT hold true for brilliant Islamic theorists like Mustafa Akyol. This also does not hold true for Sheikh Abdul Sattar Buzaigh al-Rishawi, the bravest man in Iraq, who is a Sunni tribal leader fighting the Saudi/Syrian Sunni "Insurgency" (read: terrorist war) in Iraq. However, it DOES hold true for virtually all of the Muslim "pundits" in America.

(5) My theory is that the Muslim "pundits" in America are actually (a) cowards and (b) opportunists and (3) supremacist manipulators. Why do I say that? Because America isn't the enemy of its Muslim population. It protects its Muslim population. The real enemy of Islam -- which cowardly Muslims are too spineless to right -- is the radical ulema in the United States bought and paid for by the Saudis for the 28 years. But you guys try to find a way to ex-communicate those guys or get the eight madabhib to set standards that exclude -- standards that would quite obviously exclude from the Qur'an those verses that are inimical to those of other religions, that create a Dar-al-Islam vs. a Dar-al-Harb, that are inimical to women's full rights in Islam and Islamic countries, that call for the dhimmitude or murder of non-Muslims, that incorporate desert tribalist hudud punishments (amputations and stonings) for criminal and non-criminal acts.

(6) Meanwhile, the opportunism runs on: Instead of solving these problems, American Muslism set up US Airways to try to get profiling stopped. Profiling will stop (or should stop) only when the next bomb that goes off doesn't have a Qur'anic attached to it by people you will not throw out of your religion. The British did not bring Gerry Adams to the table by strip-searching Norwegian grandmothers at the airport as an attempt to prove they were not "profiling". Of course they're profiling. And it's working, because there hasn't been a major attack in this country since 9/11.

(7) The bottom line is that it is NOT our reponsibility to listen to your endless whining that you're not being treated "good enough." It is not our responsibility to take care of your every whining alleged grievance -- which are actually GRIEVANCES THAT YOU ARE NOT BEING TREATED AS SUPERIOR BEINGS. No sale.

(8) It is a testament to the undying willingness of Americans to try to be fair that they give a hearing to this crap, but even that needs to stop. Put up or shut up. In fact, this is your SOFT TERRORISM -- the use of Americans' goodnesses and fears to try to carve out in America special privileges, a relativist subculture over which you have control above the reach of US law (in your treatment of Muslim women, for example), using US civil codes to protect the hate speech and incitement to war and violence that goes on in US mosques, and to bully the US government and US businesses into giving you special treatment that now Christian, Jew, Hindu, Jain, Confucian, Buddhist, native American Great Spiritualist, or New Age metaphysician could get. You don't want equality. You want to be BETTER THAN, which is the whole problem here.

(9) And you blew the choice. You had a choice to stand up against the terrorists and win. You could have won in a WEEK had you put 3 million Muslims on the National Mall to decry Al Qaeda and Radical Islamism. Had American Muslims done that, it would have echoed the 100,000 Iranian citizens who went into the street with candles in the night to tell Americans how sorry they were that the attacks had occurred. And these are people who are flayed to death for standing up to the mullahs in the country where the live. American Muslims could have done what Queen Rania did when she hit the streets of Amman, Jordan, in blue jeans and a sweat shirt with 80,000 Jordanians to protest the attempted chemical attack on the Jordanian capital several years ago. It so angered Al-Zarqawi that he sent attackers from Iraq to punish the Jordanian people -- Hashemite Sunnis for whom the Wahhabis have no love as they fear they will again rule Mecca and Medina (and dear God I do hope so!) -- for standing up against terrorism. But you have never followed these examples, nor the examples of the Bangladeshis who writing hilarious letters to the editor ridiculing the very people who threaten to bomb them, calling them "space aliens" for their little Wahhabi hats and their drag-the-ground Wahhabi beards, which even Azzam the American has made a valiant attempt to grow. We'll have you know that it appears he's making progress, but his brain is still melting.

So you blew it. Instead of being the brave Muslims we see standing up as they can in some of the most dangerous place in the world -- and DYING FOR IT -- you do nothing but try to manipulate the American people into backing down because "you feel insulted."

Well, get this: I don't give a damn if you feel insulted. YOU are insulting. YOUR game is insulting. The only Muslim I know who has a kid if Iraq fighting the Sunni terrorist war is Ali Alyami, the Saudi Ismaeli dissident who gets his life routinely threatened. You guys can't even stand up for fellow Muslims like Zudhi Jasser when he speaks out SOLIDLY that Islamic terrorism has to go, and says that shari'a law must NEVER replace civil law in any country. What happens when he says that. The little Wahhabi rats' nests and anthills down in Arizona treat him and his family to accusations of apostasy and blasphemy, signals in the open press that they are fair game to be murdered by Muslim radicals.

So, in whose hands was the end of Islamic terrorist -- the revitalization of interpretation that would have thrown out the hadith, ALL highly spurious "attestations" that the Prophet said this or that, highly suspect as being politically motivated (certainly the fantastic Ayesha tale made up to buttress Sunni claims over Shi'a claims for the rule of Islam) -- the revitalization of interpretation that would have relegated the hateful verses to historical context only (as Mustafa Akyol suggests) and would have reversed the weight of interpretation to favor the PURELY TRANSCENDENTAL, SPIRITUAL VERSES OF THE QUR'AN TO SOLE IMPORTANCE AND GOT RID OF THE REST.

But that's too gutsy for you guys. Then again, protecting Islam from being destroyed by the people of the Nejd (as prophesied in the Qur'an) is not your issue. Your issue is seeing how much pity you can get, how many special treatments you carve out of American culture -- this is the ego of manipulation, the game being to prove you are smarter than Americans by constantly getting them to kowtow to you and back off their criticism of the way you behave and what you preach -- AND GET ATTENTION. SO MUCH OF THIS CRAP IS ABOUT GETTING FACE TIME ON TV.

And D'Souza last manipulation is the most disgusting of all.

D'Souza is trying to placing himself upon the moral high ground by claiming American culture is decadent and that the reason we got attacked is that Al Qaeda was disgusted by our immortal behavior.

What everybody is missing is that this claim is as supremacist coming from D'Souza as any I have ever heard. Because ... D'Souza's unspoken fiat is that MUSLIMS HAVE THE RIGHT TO CREATE AN INTERNATIONAL RELIGIOUS POLICE FORCE AND PUNISH THOSE WHO BREAK THE "RULES" THAT ISLAM HAS SET FOR THEM. THEREFORE, ARGUES D'SOUZA, YOU AMERICANS BROUGHT THIS ON YOURSELF.


You're right. I don't accept your "SELF-DECLARED AUTHORITY" DO ANY SUCH THING.

And I find D'Souza "moral superiority" ludicrous and his preaching to the choir -- AMERICAN CULTURAL MODERATES AND CONSERVATIVES ALREADY KNOW THIS, FOR HEAVEN SAKE -- spineless as per usual.

Want to compare?

Americans, due to their civil rights laws defending free speech -- which Muslims routinely use to whine about ALLEGED grievances -- are the same ones that free speech extremists use to defend porn on the internet, in the movies, and in local clubs. Half of the US Congress is trying to deal with the intricacies of protecting freedom of thought, word, and harmless deed while setting rational limits on the rest. But you don't even don't even stand up against the incitement of violence towards Christians and Jews in your own mosques.

But compare the record of America to that of Islam:

(1) Countries like Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, and Iran stand in violation of every international human rights agreements on the treatment of women and children.

(2) Hudud punishments of amputation, stoning, beheading and sometimes burning and castration (see Saudi prisons on this) have been banned worldwide as inhumane, yet they routinely carried out by Islamic countries and pan-state terrorists.

(3) Women who are raped are stoned to death for adultery.

(4) Women who are raped must present two to four witnesses to defend themselves -- four in Iran. That is why the gang rape packs move in threes.

(5) Women in Islamic countries are subject to forced marriage to men much older, a form of slavery banned in the Qur'an. But Muslims worldwide do nothing.

(6) Women in Islamic countries are denied education, independent travel and work.

(7) Women in Islamic countries are considered property to be traded for gambling or other debts, a form of slavery.

(8) Temporary marriages allow Muslim men to use women as prostitutes without civil protection for themselves or their children.

OK, it's a partial list, but I have work to do. Others may want to complete this list!

The number of the times the word "women" is used above is an indication of how much radical Islamism is about controlling women for sex and service. Qubt and al-Banna went CRAZY that Egyptian women got rights-- based on the work of an enlightened imam doing enlightened hermeneutics on the PURELY TRANSCENDENTAL VERSES OF THE QUR'AN -- rights to vote, rights to education, rights to property and children. And then, one brave women let herself be photographed without a veil. And it was uphill from there.

Qubt was an obviously sexually neurotic man who claimed he never married because he couldn't find a woman "pure enough." Oh yeah, right. He was a very sick man. Al-banna on the other hand was a violent control freak.

Do I hear you guys railing about this violence in Islamic countries, this inhumanity, this enslave of women and children?

No, I hear you whining about whether you can have special privileges at an airport in the Midwest or whether you can set up US Airways and then sue them, shake-down style, for money and laws that make Americans ignore the IEDs Muslim terrorists set off in markets full of women and children and your crafty little shoe bombs and the bomb-belts Palestinians place as toys around the waists of Muslim toddlers in the Gaza Strip.

And why do you do this? Like Bill Clinton, "becuase I could get away with it."

While the world burns down with Muslim violence, American Muslims play dirty little manipulation games as acts of soft terrorism -- which they know they can only effect because standing behind them is a terrorist who may enforce their demands with debased violence.

American Muslim manipulation runs on the veiled threat (pun intended) that if we do as you demand -- and listen to your insufferable and utterly specious moral preaching when Muslims violence has taken moral breach down to a level unknown since the Gestapo -- there will be more violence. You preach appeasement to us and you get it to fly because when we see good people like Daniel Pearl beheaded on television, when we see a woman stoned or shot in the head for being raped, WE ARE STILL NORMAL ENOUGH TO RECOIL IN DISGUST AND EMPATHETIC PAIN. Momentarily we lose our ability to close a fist and say, "#$!@ you, you despicable animals!"

And that may be a fault of ours, but know this: Not all of us have lost the ability, and America's slumber won't last forever on this one.

Meanwhile, what do our Muslim American compatriots do? They whine about their civil rights. They assert their self-proclaimed "moral supremacy." Don't make me laugh.

What is really going on with you guys is the most egregious mass act of opportunism in the history of the United States. You whine about "racial incidents" when more racial incidents occur against WASPS than any other group in America (per capita percentage), with the Jews coming a close second. As Stephen Schwartz -- Muslim -- has pointed out, anti-Muslim incidents are so far down the list as to be negligible.

You strut around campuses pretending to be victimized. You whine and bitch and piss and moan constantly, while American service people overseas try to straighten out the mess made by Islamic radicalism on the one hand and Islamic cowardice on the other.

And it's spineless yellow-bellied cowardice. And why? For the same reason human rights organizations decry American rights abuses -- which they should where they exist -- but never mention the torture and gang rapes in Saudi prisons, the torture and rape and amputations carried out in Iran, the beheadings and live burnings and breast amputations (for not wearing cover) that occurred in Muslim-on-Muslim violence in Fallujah before the US went in and cleaned out the cockroaches that had taken over the city.

Why don't they? Because when you whine to an American about your ALLEGED "disenfranchisement" Americans give you a lolly pop, put their arm around your shoulder, and try to make it all better.

When you complain to a Muslim publicly about his violence toward his own or others, he kills YOU, your family, and your friends. Or he kidnaps your daughter and rapes her.

You're cowards. And you're dirty opportunists. You're the best-educated, richest, most powerful group of Muslims in the world, and you could FORCE the ulema to deal with this problem and you will not.

Instead, when people like Zudhi Jasser, Mustafa Akyol, and others point out the problems and LAY OUT THE SOLUTIONS, they are attacked.

And those of you who claim to be the "peaceful" Muslims REALLY following Islam don't defend those guys. You do not defend Muslim women becuase you tacitly agree with the position they should keep the place desert tribalist crafted for them. And when women start talking to you on boards -- Anne Crockett comes to mind -- you tell her to shut up, but you don't say that to men on this board, do you?



So you claims that you will do it for me fall on dear ears. D'Souza's claims that he will be the moderator of American morality BECAUSE HE IS A MUSLIM AND MUSLIMS HAVE THE RIGHT TO POLICE MORALITY FOR ALL THE WORLD falls on deaf ears over here.

FOR ME ...






Truncated list, but hey, duty calls.

To sum up here, Muslims are failing Islam and will be the reason it is destroyed. While you posture and do your little moral preaching numbers to people who frankly don't need, Islamic terrorists and mantling biological, nuclear and chemical weapons. The next time they pull a big one, my guess is that it's going to be "all she wrote." All over the world, Muslims who have a spine (that would not be you guys) are voting Islamists out of office -- with GAM prime minister elected in Aceh, with Badawi elected in Indonesia, with that dirty, lying, sleaze-bag Mahathir thrown out in Malaysia. The Iranians would do it if they could. Abdullah would get rid of the Wahhabis if he could. In Nigeria, extreme shari'a wasn't voted in, it was AMPUTATED in. Etc. Etc. Etc.


And what don't you like about Robert? He keeps quoting THE SAME QUR'ANIC VERSES THAT BIN LADEN DOES.

He doesn't agree with Bin Laden. What Robert is saying is that until you deal with these verses a "peaceful" Islam that IGNORES them is not enough. You have to get rid of them, becuase over and over again in your history those verses -- ON WHICH AN UN-ELECTED BIN LADEN RUNS A WAR, ON WHICH THE UN-ELECTED SALAFISTS RUN A WAR, ON WHICH THE UN-ELECTED TALEBAN RUN A WAR must be changed -- have led to war against and enslavement of all Muslims you do not agree with and all non-Muslims period.

Now, either you have the spine to deal with the REAL PROBLEM -- which is NOT alcohol in a cab in Minneapolis -- or you don't.

And so far, you don't.

That is why Robert Spencer et al. have to be the ones who do your job for you. And what do you do?

You whine that he is insulting you.

Oh, poorest possible you! Oh, poor little kids! They want another lolly pop.

No. Get off your fat, rich, spoiled American opportunist *sses and get your butts overseas and solve these problems. And if you're spineless and whiny for that, at least support the Muslims who DO have the spine and stop playing games that embarrass and destroy the religion you say you love.

Grow up. And stop manipulating.

And what does Al Qaeda say when they read your next vitriolic little rant of "blasphemy" screed?

They just say, "Attaboy, Eteraz. Attaboy, Esmay."

It's not Robert who is doing Al Qaeda's work -- if he were it's unlikely that Azzam the American would have "invited" (ha!) him to convert to Islam with a copy of "The Truth about Muhammad" in his hand, don't you think?

It's YOU who are doing Al Qaeda's work, though I'd agree it's not because you necessarily want to be a terrorist. You just want to be important.

So be important. Transform Islam into TRANSCENDENTAL SPIRITUAL ISLAM. That's your job. Get about doing it.

Global Warming - For the Women and Children

Even if you buy into the global warming hype, how can you be against it? Do you hate the Eskimos, and want them to continue suffering in freezing weather? If so, you are a selfish and inconsiderate person. I'm going to go start the car and let it idle for a few hours. Because unlike you, I care about the poor Eskimo children. Jerk.

Friday, March 02, 2007


I've been labeled a crazy psycho right-wing commenter! Crazy AND psycho? Frankly, I'm offended. Either one of them would have been enough. Put them together, and that's just rude. Plus, they call me 'stinky' over there. Which is absurd, since I smell pretty good almost 50% of the time.

Background: Andrew Levy, on a humorous FNC show named "Redeye", hits on a pretty woman in a very humorous way (by agreeing with everything she says, and even when she has no comment), but you have to have seen the show to not be offended by my photo. More proof that it's more fun to comment than to blog :). TiVo Redeye if you can, channel 360 on DirecTV, 2am EST. They have Rachel Marsden as a permanent pundit. Pretty AND smart, in the vein of Ann Coulter, from the cool part of Canada. Who could ask for more?

Update: Is this funny? Or gross? Or both? I can't tell anymore.

Thursday, March 01, 2007

The Newest Minimum Wage Position

George Bush has agreed to a plan to let 100 Mexican trucking companies operate their trucks everywhere in the United States. Interesting points:

Unlike American truckers, Mexican truckers:

-Won't understand the street signs
-Do not have to comply to OSHA standards
-Won't have to stop at weigh stations
-Don't keep logs (which are used by the police to enforce trucking laws)

They also won't even have to get paid the American minimum wage. Why would big businesses pay for expensive American truckers when they can get Mexican ones at below minimum wage? this is a stunning defeat for American workers. In exactly the same way being a butcher moved from a wage that could support a family to one with the lowest pay allowed by law, so too will go the trucking industry.

I'm not a trucker, but WTH is Bush thinking? He is truly starting to hurt America. This blog is inches from switching to a Bush bashing site. He's not the guy I thought I was voting for.

Glenn Beck's not happy either.

(The 'cat' reference at the end was about something not in the video.)

Listen to our anthem

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